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Burro di KaritA?: La Miracolosa Crema Idratante che Cela il Segreto della Bellezza Hollywoodiana

Vuoi sapere qual A? il piA? scottante dei Segreti della Bellezza Hollywoodiana? A Beverly Hills gli esperti di bellezza che hanno a che fare con le celebritA� concordano sul fatto che il segreto per mantenere una cera giovane e luminosa sia il pregiato burro di karitA?! Estratto dal frutto della��albero del karitA?, il burro […]

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Shea Butter: Hollywooda��s Secret Miracle Beauty Moisturizer

Want to know the hottestA�Hollywood Beauty Secret? Beverly Hills beauty experts and celebrity clients agree, their secret to maintaining a youthful radiant glow is luxuriousA�shea butter! Extracted from the fruit of the shea tree, shea butter has amazingA�restorative and moisturizingA�properties that heal and beautify your skin.

In fact, The American Academy ofA�dermatologyA�listsA�Shea butterA�as one of […]

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CYBER MONDAY Sale: CRAZY DISCOUNT on all Thermalabs ProductsA�

ONLY once a year towardsA�CYBER MONDAY- We are inviting you to try all of Thermalabs premium products! This is the time to enjoy anA�INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT !!!



The saleA�will continueA�ONLY while supply lasts! So hurry up as we are usually sold out before CyberA�Monday.


Our amazing sale includes:
A�Our BEST SELLING Glow2Go self tanning towelettes $30.00 $11.99

A�ProTecTan premium […]

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The ABC Self-Tanning Guide for an All-Time Perfect Glow

Nothing gives your confidence a bigger boost than a faux glow on a cool summer day as you sit by the poolside in your tiniest bikini. Or better yet, a sun kissed glow in the place of very pale winter skin. Therea��s a reason why self-tanning is one of the biggest trends in the […]

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The 10 Rules of Self Tanning

Some few years ago, fake tanning was a new trend commonly practiced by celebrities and models. Fast track to today and the situation is entirely different. More beauty fanatics are finding new ways to accomplish a beautiful sun-kissed glow with readily available self-tanning lotions, mousses, wipes, and sprays. Of course, all these products are […]

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Top 8 Ongoing Trends in the Cosmetics Industry

In the U.S alone, cosmetics are a multi-billion dollar industry. On a global scale, the industry has seen steady growth over the last one decade or so, mostly fueled by an increase in disposable income. As a result, conventional retail outlets such as supermarkets, exclusive brand outlets, and specialty stores have recorded increased revenue […]

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Vanilla Patchouli Scrub Giveaway For ONLY $4.99!

You are SO lucky! You're in the right place to get your coupon code of $15 dollars off our premium Vanilla Patchouli Body Scrub ExfoliatorA�lowering the price to only $4.99!!!
There are VERY few coupons available, please type in your email here and tell us where to email you the code. Hurry before all codes […]

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Thank you for participating in our giveaway!

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our unique giveaway.

We have just sent an email to the email you provided us with. You should see it in your inbox in a few minutes. If you don't see it – please check your spam folder.

You will also get an email from us requesting […]

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ProTecTan Giveaway for only $2.99 !!!

You are SO lucky! You're in the right place to get your coupon code of $15 dollars off our premium Professional Technology Tanning Antiaging Sunscreen lowering the price to only $2.99.
There are VERY few coupons available, please type in your email here and tell us where to email you the code. Hurry, less than […]

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Reviewing our new Tan Enhancer

Thank you for helping us review our new Tan Enhancer product. We hope you like it as much as we do!

3 things you should do right now:

Like us on Facebook so you can get all the tips, articles and discounts before everyone else! Simply click here to go to our Facebook page and hit […]

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