Thermalabs, an organization dedicated to creating premium quality self tanning products, is all set to make a grand entry in The company’s exquisite range of products will help tanning enthusiasts achieve attractive tan without the fear of skin cancer.

New York, NY 4th September, 2014

Natural and organic self tanning products from Thermalabs will soon be available in This organization has been working relentlessly to create a skin cancer free world by offering their customers the freedom to get tanned without having to face the adverse impacts of the sun’s UV radiation. With an intention to reach out to more tanning enthusiasts, Thermalabs will officially enter the world’s largest online marketplace on the 8th of September.

Experts around the world suggest that tanning beds are one of the leading factors behind skin cancer. It has been observed that out of all reported cases of nonmelanoma skin cancers in the United States, almost 90 percent are caused because of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Self tanning is quickly emerging as a healthier alternative to the traditional form of tanning because it does not involve exposure to the sun.

Thermalabs aspires to become the best self-tanning brand in the world by creating products that are amongst the best in the market. The health of the users is always taken into consideration while creating their self tanning products. This is why Thermalabs works continuously to find out the best natural and organic ingredients without exhausting these life saving resources. Each of the formulations from Thermalabs is the result of months of extensive research.

Thermalabs products contain more organic ingredients compared to most other similar brands. In their continuous endeavor to fight skin cancer in every possible way, Thermalabs donates 10% of its profits once a year to nonprofits engaged in skin cancer related study and research.

Talking about the company’s efforts to build a skin cancer free world, Thermalabs’ marketing co-coordinator Alex Howard said, “The sun is today’s biggest enemy for our skin, for our health. People simply underestimate how damaging the sun can be. We, at Thermalabs, work day and night (mostly nights!!!) to come up with the healthy solutions for getting the best looking tan without even leaving the house!”


About Thermalabs: Thermalabs was created with a vision to create a skin cancer free world. Their products provide users the freedom of getting an attractive tan without having to worry about skin cancer. In their ongoing effort to become the best self-tanning brand in the world, the company strives to create products that are the best they can be best in every way. All these products are easy to use, and they provide the license to look beautiful and feel healthy at the same time.


Alex Howard