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Tanning Tools

Self Tanning Tips: How to Avoid Patchy Tan

Let me guess. Your recent tanning experience is not what you expected it to be. More like, you are dissatisfied with the results, short of saying that you are now looking at some unpleasant tanning patches on your skin, right? How did I know? Well, for one, you would not be reading this article […]

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Things To Consider When Buying A Tanning Mitt

So you are probably wondering why a growing number of people are starting opting for tanning mitts when it comes to self-tanning and that is understandable. Tanning mitt were originally developed to keep your hands, particularly your palm from getting stained with tanning solution because the problem with it is that the skin on […]

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Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Tanning Mitt

People who often utilize self-tanning products also use tanning mitts when applying sunless tanners. However, not everyone knows how to properly clean their tanning mitts. If it is your first time using a tanning mitt then you are in luck because this article details tips that you can apply to effectively and efficiently clean […]

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5 Great Tips In How To Use Tanning Mitts

Self-tanning products have all been the rage these days. With people looking for more convenient and affordable ways to get their skin bronzed, self-tanners has become a staple in their lifestyle. If this is your first time using self-tanning mitts then you may want to keep the following tips in mind to enhance your […]

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Ultimitt: The Ultimate Mitt by Thermalabs

It is no surprise that more and more people are relying on sunless tanners as their means of getting that bronzed appearance. How convenient it is to just drive to the nearest store where you can buy a sunless tanner which you can use whenever you feel like doing so. If you need to […]

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Follow the Trend – Go with Thermalabs Self Tanners

It is important that you know how to properly follow instructions and rules when it comes to doing things. Doing so keeps you from getting into unnecessary trouble and hassles. The same applies when it comes to applying self tanners like Thermalabs self tanners which have grown into a trend these days. Some of […]

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Thermalabs Self Tanning Towelettes Application Tips

Get the most from Thermalabs Self Tanning Towelettes!

Not everyone is familiar with how tan towellettes are properly used to get you that bronzed skin that you have been aspiring to get. The good news is that you do not have to be a genius to learn how to properly apply a tan towellette to […]

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How To Effectively Use A Self-Tanning Towelette

Tanning towelettes are moist towelettes that are foil-sealed in a package to ensure that the tanning solution content of the towelettes is fresh. They basically come in two sizes; there are small ones for tanning touch ups and large towelettes when it comes to full body tanning. Though a lot of people are unfamiliar […]

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Use The Best Exfoliating Gloves For Applying Tanning Products

More and more self tanning products are being developed and manufactured these days  as s growing number of people prefer staying at home for getting a tanned look, to going to the beach or the neighborhood tanning spa. Imagine how convenient it is for these people to simply apply the tan on their bodies! No need to […]

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Benefits of Tanning Oil

There are countless products being sold in the market these days that appeal to those who often go to tanning salons or beaches so they can get a good tan. And one of the better products that compliment the lifestyle of these individuals would be tanning oils. Applying tanning oil on your body does […]

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