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Tanning Tips

Why Self Tanning Is Economical Than Tanning Beds

Tanning is a common approach to feeling better about yourself. What’s not to like about the color accentuating your body and hiding your flaws. Through the years, there have been various methods in trying to get the ideal shade of bronze for your skin.

One of the most common approaches is soaking as much UV […]

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Swimming Tips for Self-Tanning Enthusiasts

Summer is right around the corner and there’s no better way to enjoying it than getting your fair share of the beach. One of the hottest summer trends is getting yourself a tan, due to the tone complementing your body. While there are various methods of earning the much desire bronze shade, using self […]

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How to Fake Tan Like A Pro

If you can’t tone it, tan it. This thought has gone through a lot of individuals who were about to bask into the beauty of tanning. Who’s to say that it isn’t true? A tan gives your body the contour and gives accent to your form without much difficulty. It’s no surprise most celebrities […]

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Say “NO” to Spray Tan Disasters!

With the hotter days being around the corner, one can’t help but wonder how soon we should tan. Getting a tan ready can be one of the most flattering aspects of your body. Since you’re bound to be out and about under the sun, getting the much desired darker tone is no longer a […]

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Why You Might Be Using Tanning Mitts All Wrong

If you’ve been hoping to try out tanning for quite some time, you may have gone through the basics to this little skin care venture. One can’t help but wonder how prepared they can be when it comes to tanning. Tanning mitts are one of the best aids to putting the tan from self […]

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Natural Ways to Remove Your Tan or Make it Lighter

Having a tan is one of the most ideal skin complements you can get but sometimes a tan can be overbearing. There are only so many clothes you can mix and match to complement your color or you’ve had your fair share of bronze already. Maybe you’ve had your share of sunbathing and would […]

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Best Clothes To Wear After Self Tanning

One of the best things in life is showcasing your well-earned tan. Who can say no to the wonderful effects of bronze on your skin? Not only are you treated to a wonderful contouring this skin tone gives but you’ve earned the right to show the brown color of your skin.

There’s a wide range […]

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Coffee Variants that Are Surprisingly Good for Tanning The Skin

The much beloved bronze color has been cooking up the skin care industry with a storm. Having a tan is one of the greatest approaches to indulging yourself. While you may want to avoid trips to the nearest tanning salon due to the high UV ray distribution from tanning beds, self tanners are quite […]

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Top Self-Tanner Mistakes You’re Actually Making Without Realizing It



Having a tan is one of the most complimenting features of your body. Who can deny the wondrous contouring that the color gives to your body?

There are a lot of methods to get a tan be it from soaking as much sunlight as you can for the entire duration of the day; or you […]

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Tanning Tips and Care for Sensitive Skin

A lot of people enjoy the beauty of tanned skin. With its ability to help define your body, no wonder tanning is a rave in the cosmetics industry. However, it can be a downside to have sensitive skin.

How to do a tan with my sensitive skin?

One’s sensitive skin is a great hurdle to enjoying […]

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