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Tanning Preparation

3 Tips to Prevent Self-Tanning Disasters

We are all aware that having a tan body is something you can be proud off. During summer, many people try to find ways to make their skin tone fit the season like sunbathing in the beach or going to tanning booths. Unfortunately, most of the time, these people don’t realize the dangers of […]

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Common Self Tanning Spray Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of people find tanned skin people exotic and appealing hence there are a lot who are so eager to find ways to get themselves tanned. Some people would go as far as going to the beach as often as they can to sunbathe so as to achieve that much desired tanned look, […]

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Exfoliate: Steps in How To Prepare For Your Perfect Self-Tan

What is exfoliation? Basically, exfoliation is the removal and replacement of dead skin cells with younger and newer skin cells. You could say that this is a process that is similar to what snakes do when they shed their skins. Know that the main purpose of exfoliation is to unclog pores where natural skin […]

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Do-It-Yourself Sunless Tanning at Home

As tanning becomes very phenomenal, many alternatives and do-it-yourself tanning processes have come out. Obtaining a summer glow color without sunbathing for several hours is now very manageable and as easy and quick as 123. You are then probably safe from the sun’s UV rays at the same time fulfilled with your most sought […]

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