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Make Up Tips to Enhance Your Tan

Have you already achieved your sun-kissed glow? Probably, you are very excited to go on your most awaited party or event. Or maybe you are very thrilled to take a selfie and show your friends in the social media how gorgeous your skin now. Now, do you want to make it always look good […]

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Natural Treatment for Sunburnt Skin

With the temperature raising things up a notch, it’s no surprise that much individuals opt to wear less coverage. While this does keep you from sweating a lot, it’s one of the leading causes of sunburns.
Sunburns are a common occurrence especially when you’ve missed out on putting some sunscreen before heading out. These burned […]

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Get Naked and Say Melanoma No More

International Men’s Health Month originally started as Men’s Health Week, which is celebrated yearly during the week preceding and including Father’s Day. It honors the importance of men’s health and wellness. It was chosen for this specific time of the year to make use of the extra attention given to male family members near […]

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Maintain Your Gorgeous Summer Glow All Year Round

It’s no surprise that getting a tan is one of the hottest trends during summer. Summer may be a passing season but that doesn’t mean the fun lasts there. If you’re in a dilemma once summer is going to end, not to worry. While the following seasons can no longer provide you the much […]

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