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How to Take a Great Selfie of Your Perfect Tan

Taking a selfie is a great way of boosting your self-confidence or showing your latest fashion style. Selfie is the latest craze in social media right now. Everybody is taking their selfies from the most prominent people in the world like celebrities down to ordinary citizens. It’s very irresistible when you can see selfies in […]

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Self Tanning in Groups: How To Do It Right

Self tanning is exciting and full of fun but it’s more fun if you do it with your self tanner buddies like your siblings, friends, workmates, classmates, or colleagues. It’s more fun because you will be able to help each other in applying self tanner to the hard-to-reach parts of the body. You will […]

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How to Keep Your Self Tan from Fading Easily

Achieving the sun-kissed glow you’ve always desired boosts your confidence. But we all know that there is no everlasting everlasting sunless tan. The only thing you can do is to make it last a little longer. The effect of tanning does not have a specific amount of days or weeks before it fades. But […]

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Enjoy Longer-lasting Tan!

Admit it, you would always want to get what you paid for! So when you spend money on self tanners, you’d like to see the kind of tan you really like. Thanks to Thermalabs self tanners, the process is made easy and affordable!

Now, let’s talk about how you can make your tan last longer. […]

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