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Self tan

The Difference Between Men and Women’s Self Tanning Approach

Tanning is an activity that a lot of individuals enjoy. No matter what your gender is, tanning is a universal approach to looking better. From sunbathing to being inside a tanning bed, as well as applying some tanning lotion; trying to get the bronze hue has shifted a lot. However, when it comes to […]

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Pre-Thanksgiving Self Tanning Tips

It’s almost thanksgiving. One can be thankful for a lot of things that has happened and that can be done while looking your best. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays that anyone could look forward to in a year so it’s not surprising that you’d want to look great for that day. There’s […]

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How Self Tanners are Good for your Skin than Sunbathing

Tanning is quite a rage despite the years since it has been discovered. With so many positive things it can bring, it’s not surprising that a lot of individuals clamor to achieve it. Tanning is the process of changing one’s tone with the aid of the sun. In the absence of the sun, individuals […]

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Why You Should Not Put Self-Tanner Before Work Out!

Getting in shape is one of the best things to boost one’s self confidence. Getting a tan complements that thought. However, there are just some things you don’t want to mix. This happens to be self tanners and working out.

if you’re not familiar what self tanners are, they are another method to getting one’s […]

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How Self Tanners Can Make You Look Younger

Trying to look younger is not an impossible feat. There are numerous ways to achieve such an outcome; it also comes with various products to aid you on that quest. While there’s a lot of products and various procedures to achieve a younger look, you can make use of self tanners to gain a […]

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Why Use Spray Tan Tent

Methods of tanning has evolved through the years. From the well-knonwn method of sunbathing to the comfortable indoor tanning and now we have the healthiest option of getting a tan, self tanners. Whichever method you’d choose, it boils down to which one works best for you. However, as the years has trickled by, many […]

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Reasons Why You Should Self Tan All Year Round

One’s tan is a great compliment to one’s look. ‘If you can’t tone it, tan it’ as they say and this is one of the reasons why certain individuals can become tanning addicts. There are various ways of getting a tan namely through sunbathing, indoor tanning and self tanning.

Unfortunately, the two methods have become […]

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The Rewards and Drawback of Tanning Pills

Tanning has gone through a wide range of methods through the years. Ever since it has been discovered by merely staying out too long under the sun, it’s become quite the sensationalized beauty trend. As this beauty trend has survived through various decades, methods of trying to get a tan have also evolved.

We’ve known […]

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Tanning Made Easy by Using Back Applicator

Tanning can be done in numerous methods. From sunbathing to indoor tanning or using a self tanner to get you the tan. No matter which method you hope to use, trying to get an even tone all over can be quite the struggle.

Sunbathing and indoor tanning are an easier choice as they make sure […]

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How Not to Fall Victim from Dangerous Tanning Creams

Tanning through the means of sunbathing and indoor tanning have become quite the health risk. It’s not surprising as being exposed to copious amounts of UV rays can lead to more than sunburn. It’s actually been proven that UV rays help raise the stakes for an individual to gain skin cancer. Due to the […]

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