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Organic Self Tanner

How to Determine Your Skin Tone


Determining your skin tone before applying anything on your skin is essential. It helps you choose the appropriate color of makeup, lipstick or cosmetics you apply on your skin to make you look natural. Or if you are planning to contour through a self tanner, you will not regret it because you know it […]

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Key Points in Choosing A Good Tanning Lotion

People who often enjoy sunbathing on the beach tend to neglect the possibility of their skin getting seriously damaged by the sun’s rays. While it is true that exposing yourself to the sun is a method to get that desired tanned look, you still have to take your health into consideration. This means that […]

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Healthy Food to Achieve a Natural Tan

Do you want that nice tan color on your skin but can’t afford to go lie in the beach or go to tan salons or even purchase lotions and other skin products that will get it done? Lucky for everyone who wants a nice looking tan color on their body, there is a natural […]

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Choosing Self Tanner Brands

A lot of people these days are gradually making the move from using non-organic products to more natural and organic products for a good reason. Not only can people contribute in keeping the environment clean and green but going organic keeps them away from the harmful effects of chemicals in most products, particularly from […]

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Good Things About Organic Self Tanners

Organic-based products are gradually becoming popular these days. Not only are they mostly available but they are also safe because their ingredients or the materials used to manufacture them does not involve a lot of harmful chemicals. The same applies to organic tanners. Some of the things that you should learn about organic tanners […]

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