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Spray Tanning: Skin Preparation and Application

There are a number of things that you should know if you plan to get your skin tanned. For one, skin naturally replaces its dead skin cells every 28 days and 25% of the skin is exfoliated every week which eventually removes UV induced tan. Though there is what is called sunless spray tanning […]

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Self Tanning Tips: Spray Tan Before And After Care

Many believe that having a tanned skin look desirable hence some people make an effort to get their skin tanned in various ways. On the other hand, some prefer to utilize tanning sprays to tan their skins and for good reason. Self tanning is not only convenient but it saves you a lot of effort and money as […]

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Exfoliate: Steps in How To Prepare For Your Perfect Self-Tan

What is exfoliation? Basically, exfoliation is the removal and replacement of dead skin cells with younger and newer skin cells. You could say that this is a process that is similar to what snakes do when they shed their skins. Know that the main purpose of exfoliation is to unclog pores where natural skin […]

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