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Best Exfoliating Materials for Each Skin Type

Exfoliating the skin is an important ritual for all those who want to take care of their skin. Exfoliation reaps many benefits. Some include the removal of dirt and clogged pores from your skin.

Exfoliating also removes all the dead skin cells off your skin, allowing it to look vibrant, fresh and young. Our skin sheds […]

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Achieve Beautiful Skin with Jute Exfoliating Glove

Our skin naturally frees dead skin cells so that it remains firmer and ideally clean. Because of that process, we need to help ourselves remove the dead skin cells off the outer layer of our skin. There are many ways for you to undergo exfoliation of the skin. The best way to enjoy this process […]

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How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face and Body?

Your skin has a tough job: it protects you from all the harmful material that the world throws at you every day – all while still being vibrant and smooth.

Doing this job takes a toll on your skin, though: all these foreign materials end up on your skin.

The adult human body sheds 50,000 skin […]

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin After Exfoliation

An exfoliation can lead to a smoother, younger, and more vibrant skin. Knowing how to nurse your skin after exfoliation can be important to preserve your perfect skin.

Warm water

After exfoliating, wash your face with warm water. Pat your face dry with a towel after. Do not rub your face dry, it has to be […]

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Benefits of Using Sisal Bath Glove for Exfoliation

Every once in a while our skin accumulates dead skin cells in the outermost part of our skin. To remove those dead skin cells from our body, we can undergo the process of exfoliation that deals with this kind of duty. Exfoliation can be done in many ways, some you need to pay money […]

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How to Exfoliate Your Skin with a Loofah

For some of you who don’t know the term exfoliation, it is the process wherein the dead skin cells are removed from the skin’s outermost surface.
This is usually done by undergoing skin related treatments like facials, chemical peels, and medical spas. The best way to do it, and also a cheaper way, is to exfoliate […]

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Benefits of Exfoliating with a Loofah

Sometimes a bath is incomplete if you don’t scrub or exfoliate. Enjoying a bath of refreshing scents from shower gels and bath soaps with a scrubber or a loofah makes a perfect cleaning experience. However, a lathering bath soap or simply soaking your body in a tub is not enough to clean your body […]

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Cleansing Tanned Face

It is important that you take care of your face even when it is already tanned. While this can be challenging since you do not want your tan to get ruined, you have to pick the right products and be familiar with the proper method for cleansing your tanned face.
These are some of the things […]

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Important Before and After Tanning Care

Tanning does not simply stop with picking your method of tanning. There are a number of things that you should make a habit of when it comes to pre and post tanning which will ensure a healthy skin.

Pre Tanning Care 

Shower: Take a shower 24 hours before you start your tanning session. However, refrain from […]

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Why Is It Important To Exfoliate Before Tanning

Times have changed and it is funny to think that back then, people would book a hotel room close to the beach just so they can eventually sun bathe and get their skin bronzed. The problem though is that the sun’s ultra-violate rays can potentially harm the skin and even cause skin cancer and […]

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