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What Are the Best Tanning Machines to Invest on This Season

Tanning has gone through drastic methods since it was discovered. Normally, we’d consider tanning done only by staying under the sun. However, with today’s innovations; it’s been a lot of additions to make tanning an easier experience. Aside from the usual sunbathing, indoor tanning has become quite a hit to the community. However, it’s […]

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The Difference Between Men and Women’s Self Tanning Approach

Tanning is an activity that a lot of individuals enjoy. No matter what your gender is, tanning is a universal approach to looking better. From sunbathing to being inside a tanning bed, as well as applying some tanning lotion; trying to get the bronze hue has shifted a lot. However, when it comes to […]

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How to Find the Best Dress for Tanned Skin

Trying to find the perfect dress has to be one of women’s biggest hurdle in life. There’s a lot to consider, the color, the style, the fit and many more. No matter how many dresses there can be, women still have a hard time trying to pick which one is best. This is all […]

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Ways to Enhance Facial Features with Self Tanners

Trying to look our best is always uplifting. From dressing our best to investing on make up, we strive in various ways to make sure that we look good. One of the ways to effectively look good is to tan.

Tanning gives us the opportunity to hide our flaws if we’re unable to tone or […]

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Why It’s Best to Buy Self Tanners Just Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time where everyone wants to see their loved ones. When it comes to events like these, it’s not surprising that cameras would be used more than usual. To add to that, with the season getting colder, sunbathing isn’t an option to work around with. While there is still the option of […]

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Tips to Avoid Skin Cancer

Skin cancer has become quite the illness in the recent decade. In fact, there’s been a distinct rise of individuals who have been noted to have acquired skin cancer. Cancer is no easy disease to throw around thus getting quite an alarming number of individuals who die due to skin cancer can mean a […]

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Beach Getaway Tips for Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, most individuals think of an array of good food in a warm home in the middle of autumn. That’s not surprising as many families tend to celebrate Thanksgiving around a table. If you’d like to deviate from this common trend and hope to book your trip to the warmer […]

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The Many Uses of Self Tanners for Halloween Parties

With the autumn season just rolling in, one of the biggest events of the year is dawning upon us. That would be Halloween, or Hallow’s eve to some. It is a widely celebrated event that happens at the end of October. A day filled of sugary treats and various individuals, especially children, donning on […]

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Pre-Thanksgiving Self Tanning Tips

It’s almost thanksgiving. One can be thankful for a lot of things that has happened and that can be done while looking your best. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays that anyone could look forward to in a year so it’s not surprising that you’d want to look great for that day. There’s […]

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Can Self Tanners Slow Down Skin Aging?

There are numerous ways one would want to promote a beautiful, youthful look. One of the best ways to maintain a youthful look is to keep a healthy diet, enough sleep and to avoid anything too stressful. Those are the core necessities of keeping younger looking skin. It also boils down on what your […]

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