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How To Get Rid Of A Tan Quickly

Tanning has become quite a trend to improving one’s look. It’s not surprising as most individuals who want something to hide can make use of a good tan. Ideally, tanned skin also gives one that sultry appeal that a pale pallor misses out.

While there are numerous ways to get a tan, there are some […]

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Self Tanning Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have quite the handicap with a lot of things. From being limited to what medicine they can use to what they can eat, it’s not surprising that self tanners can also be put under this scrutiny. Self tanners, or tanning lotions, are still chemicals that one puts on their body.

Tanning is a […]

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Tanning Devices Market Professional Survey

Tanning has certainly become quite a beauty trend. The methods of achieving it has certainly diversified through the years and it’s only branching out as we look further into how the industry will develop in the later years.

Technology has aided in giving us various equipment. While sunbathing still remains to be the most ideal […]

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Why Use Spray Tan Tent

Methods of tanning has evolved through the years. From the well-knonwn method of sunbathing to the comfortable indoor tanning and now we have the healthiest option of getting a tan, self tanners. Whichever method you’d choose, it boils down to which one works best for you. However, as the years has trickled by, many […]

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Benefits of Having Beach Chair

You might be wondering what’s so good about having a beach chair? While we normally underestimate the value of furniture by the beach, having a beach chair can actually be a plus side while enjoying your outing.

Just as the name suggests, these are beach chairs. Beach chairs are essential not only to outings by […]

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How To Stay Bronzed After Summer

Trying to keep your summer glow can be quite difficult once the hot days are over. This is a common displeasure once summer ends and autumn begins. Though you can still bask under the sun, it can be quite chilly as the days roll by. Indoor tanning might sound tempting but it’s actually quite […]

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Reasons Why You Should Self Tan All Year Round

One’s tan is a great compliment to one’s look. ‘If you can’t tone it, tan it’ as they say and this is one of the reasons why certain individuals can become tanning addicts. There are various ways of getting a tan namely through sunbathing, indoor tanning and self tanning.

Unfortunately, the two methods have become […]

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Why Is Moisturizing Important for Self Tanned Skin

Getting a great tan can be difficult to achieve especially when you don’t know what to do. While the usual way of getting a tan is sunbathing or going to a tanning salon, it can be quite hazardous to one’s health to rely on such methods. In fact, due to the rise of tanning […]

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How To Remove Self Tanner Stains From Your Bedsheet

Self tanners have become quite a staple in the tanning industry. It’s gained quite the traction after the findings that the known ways of tanning is actually hazardous. If you didn’t know, consistent exposure to the sun’s UV rays or even the usage of UV rays in indoor tanning can cause skin damage.

In fact, […]

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Home Remedies To Remove Sun Tan And Tips To Protect Yourself From Sun Damage

Being out in the sun usually gives you a darker tone. This isn’t surprising as we know, from experience, that the sun causes our skin to darken to a degree. If you’re not one to put on some sunscreen while being out, you might have a nasty set of sunburn from such excursion. Truth […]

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